What you need to know about confusing IRS notices and stimulus money

Many taxpayers who claimed the recovery rebate credit when they filed their 2021 tax returns are discovering

they might not qualify for extra cash after all.

And if they do qualify, they're going to need to deal with the IRS further to get any extra money.

The Internal Revenue Service is sending out notices to tax filers who made mistakes claiming that they were owed extra stimulus cash

through the recovery rebate credit on their 2021 federal income tax returns.

The IRS is telling taxpayers not to file an amended return in these cases.

"We have had several clients come in with letters from the IRS stating that their refund was adjusted because they were ineligible for the rebate recovery credit,"

said Matt Hetherwick, director of individual tax programs for the nonprofit Accounting Aid Society in Detroit,

which offers free tax preparation for families and individuals with incomes up to $58,000.

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