NJ woman can’t get tax refund because IRS says she’s dead

New Jersey resident Jeanette Carpenter is very much alive.

But according to the Internal Revenue Service, she is dead.

“My Social Security number belongs to a deceased person,” Carpenter said.

When Carpenter filed her 2020 taxes, her accountant received an unusual notice back.

Carpenter’s Social Security number belonged to someone who is deceased.

“I asked them if they were getting me confused with my husband who passed away in 2009 and they said ‘no,'” Carpenter said.

Carpenter’s accountant refiled twice more and got the same response.

“What baffles me is I work for the government,” Carpenter said.

So Carpenter went to her local IRS office and refiled again in person and on paper.

She said she was told everything looked good, and she would have her return in six to 12 weeks.

However, she’s still waiting.

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