IRS destroys 30 millions of documents: How will these actions affect your tax refund

According to the Inspector General's audit, the IRS destroyed 30 million paper documents

while millions of taxpayers are waiting for tax refunds.

GOP representatives want to know their reason for the shredded evidence.

James Comer and Nancy Mace sent a letter to Charles Rettig, IRS Commissioner,

asking about the evidence of destroying 30 million W-2s, and 1099s documents.

The testimony of both representatives states that they will review a potential misconduct behavior from IRS staffers.

"In the letter, the lawmakers requested all documentation and communication

regarding the destroying of paper documents," Samantha Parish reported.

Several taxpayers who filed via mail, are waiting to receive their money back.

They made the audit reviewing the lack of response in paper-filed tax returns.

IRS responded That won't affect anything regarding your tax returns, taxpayers won't suffer any penalties.

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