Everything we know about the contentious Hollywood actor Ezra Miller

For Warner Bros., zra Miller introduces a $20 million issue. 

The Flash, a superhero film starring Miller dressed in spandex, had a budget of that amount. 

The DC comics' huge bet against Disney's world-conquering Marvel films, such The Avengers trilogy and Spider-Man, will be released next summer. 

The only issue is that their lead actor has been associated with a number of scandals,

ranging from hosting a woman and her children on a Vermont farm

where it has been said that there are firearms nearby to two recent arrests in Hawaii.

The first incident occurred on March 27 at a dive bar when Miller allegedly grabbed a microphone away from a woman doing karaoke, according to police.

After being asked to leave a meeting, Miller flung a chair, striking a woman and leaving her with a half-inch gash on her forehead, 

according to police. This incident was followed by another one a month later.

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