Cosmic rocks and dancing galaxies: NASA's James Webb Telescope heralds a new era of astronomy

"Will give each humanity a view of the universe we've never seen before"

First dazzling images from the James Webb Space Telescope

The images of the five targets comprise the deepest...

and sharpest infrared image ever taken of the distant universe.

marks the beginning of a new era in our understanding of the universe.

Instead of orbiting Earth like its predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope,

JWST will orbit the Sun at a position approximately 1 million miles from Earth's orbit.

The space telescope, a project 30 years in the making, launched in December 2021 and reached its destination point in January.

After a lengthy "revealing" process, JWST turned its 21-foot mirror on the stars. Today we look at its first comments.

The Web's First Deep Field, Galaxy Cluster SMS 0723

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