Qatar University’s International Students Scholarship (Full Funded)

The most of students from around the world prefer to study in Qatar. This occurs as a result of Qatar’s top-ranked universities and excellent educational offerings. The colleges that are present in Qatar offer financial aid to students in a variety of ways, including scholarships and financial aid. You should now begin processing your applications for the International Students Scholarship at Qatar University if you are interested in studying there, want scholarships at the same time, and are looking for the best university to enroll in. This enormous chance will appeal to you because it will pay all of your necessary study-related expenses.

Details about Qatar University’s International Students Scholarship

The university in Qatar is pleased to provide a variety of scholarships and financial aid to those who are interested in attending. For those looking to enroll in undergraduate degree programs at Qatar University, there are International Student Scholarships available. The university is looking to hire top academic performers from abroad for this opportunity. The Fall 2023 intake is eligible for this scholarship.

Concise Description about International Students Scholarship

Let’s now find out the details in a concise manner for the ease of all applicants interested in submitting the applications for an undergraduate education to get awarded with this scholarship opportunity.

Host Country


Host Institution/University:

Qatar University

Program of Study

Undergraduate Degree

Financial Benefits:

Fully Funded

Deadline for Applications:

Not Specified

About Qatar University

Qatar university Scholarship
Qatar university Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

If you like to be taken onboard for this opportunity, you need to be eligible. Let’s find out the standards of eligibility set by the university. These scholarships are for undergraduate education available at the university.

  • The interested applicants need to possess a high school certificate or its equivalent.
  • The applicants must have a minimum high school average of 95%.
  • The interested candidates have to receive the final acceptance in the university.
  • They have to meet the requirements for admission for the college they have applied to.
  • The awarded scholarship has to be utilized commencing from the semester in which the award (scholarship) was approved/conferred. The commencement of the study can be postponed for one semester, if need be or if necessary, conditional of approval of the committee of the scholarship.
  • If the students do not pass their first semester, the scholarship will be cancelled and the cancelation messages will be conveyed to the students by QU email.
  • The applicants have to have a good reputation.
  • Remember, the applicants/awardees of this scholarship cannot get benefit from other scholarship/sponsorship at the same time.

Note: There are certain conditions for the continual of this scholarship set by the university, which the interested applicants should read at the official page of scholarship.

Financial Benefits for Undergraduate Scholarships

There are benefits associated with these scholarships for international students. The successful applicants will be offered coverage of their study at the university. These are fully funded scholarships for those who are selected. As mentioned earlier that these scholarships are targeted to international students with higher academic excellence. Let’s find out the details as under:

  • Tuition fees exemption
  • Textbooks fees exemption
  • Monthly salary amounting 500 QR
  • Accommodation (student housing) – two students per room
  • Transportation to/from campus
  • Annual round trip airfare ticket
  • Residence permits under QU sponsorship

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Required Documents

For this scholarship, international students are not required to provide or submit any documents except the ones required for admission.

How to Apply for Qatar University’s International Students Scholarship

During the announced application period, the interested applicants may apply to this scholarship opportunity through online admission application in the ‘Scholarship Application’ section (Click here). International students are advised to submit the original high school transcript and required documents during the application period (announced for international students) to Qatar University at the following address:

Admissions Department
Qatar University
P.O. Box 2713
Doha, Qatar

To check scholarship announcement and read all details, you may visit the Official Website and check details under the heading ‘International Students Scholarship’.

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