Miley Cyrus Reflects on Her Journey of Self-Discovery in Cryptic Instagram Post

Miley Cyrus Reflects on Her Journey of Self-Discovery in Cryptic Instagram Post:

Miley Cyrus recently shared a cryptic Instagram post hinting at new music and reflecting on her personal growth over the past couple years. The post featured lyrics from an upcoming song called “Used To Be Young” and described the track as capturing her mindset during a transformative period in her life.

Miley Cyrus Reflects on Her Journey of Self-Discovery in Cryptic Instagram Post
Miley Cyrus Reflects on Her Journey of Self-Discovery in Cryptic Instagram Post

The Meaning Behind Miley’s Post

In the post, Miley explained that she wrote the lyrics to “Used To Be Young” nearly two years ago, at the beginning of what she refers to as her “ESV.” This likely refers to her vocal cord surgery in November 2019 to treat a condition called Reinke’s edema. The surgery marked a pivotal moment in Miley’s personal and professional life, as she took time off touring to focus on her health and wellbeing.

The lyrics Miley shared describe feelings of being misunderstood and a desire to share her true perspective. This reflects her mindset during her recovery period, when she retreated from the spotlight to realign her priorities. Now, Miley feels the time has come to finally release this song she has worked on perfecting.

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An Ongoing Journey of Growth

For Miley, this upcoming song represents her evolution as an artist and person. Although she could continue refining the track, she has come to realize that its unfinished quality perfectly captures her current state in life. Miley described her life as “unfinished yet complete” – she still has more growth ahead, but has progressed significantly in recent years.

Since her surgery, Miley has been open about embracing a healthier lifestyle of meditation, exercise, and sobriety. She also went through a public breakup and divorce from Liam Hemsworth in 2019. While difficult, this allowed Miley to reconnect with her sense of identity.

What This Means for Miley’s Music

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Used To Be Young” and whatever project it’s part of. Miley’s Instagram post hints that she’s ready to start sharing her introspective new music that gives insight into her personal journey.

The lyric snippet sounds like her signature raspy vocals over a simple guitar line. It will be interesting to hear the full soundscape she has created to reflect her state of mind in the aftermath of her vocal surgery.

Knowing Miley, she has plenty more boundary-pushing songs coming that will continue illustrating her self-discovery. Her post indicates this is just the beginning of her opening up through music about the past couple years of her life.

Though this song was written nearly two years ago, it’s still relevant to where Miley is now – older, wiser, yet still evolving. The release will thrill fans who connect to her journey and respect her willingness to be so revealing through songwriting.

Miley Cyrus Instagram Post
Miley Cyrus Instagram Post

The Takeaway

Miley Cyrus’ Instagram post gave an intimate look into her mindset during a transitional period. Though she went through difficult life events like surgery and divorce, she has emerged stronger in her sense of self.

This post indicates Miley is ready to process her journey through music and connect to fans on a deeply personal level. The lyrics to “Used To Be Young” promise raw, contemplative songs that provide insight into the artist’s ongoing self-discovery.

While Miley acknowledges she is still unfinished, the post radiates authenticity about embracing the beauty of life’s incomplete moments. It’s sure to resonate with listeners experiencing their own evolution. Miley’s bravery in exploring her vulnerabilities through song cements her icon status.

This glimpse into her upcoming music reveals an artist fully coming into her power after a period of introspection. Miley’s post proves that out of challenge can come profound growth and self-awareness. Her fans eagerly await the full story she is ready to share through song.

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