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Google offers options for learning to both students and researchers/scholars. Be prepared to take advantage of a fantastic financing opportunity that Google has opened up for you if you chance to be a scholar and would like to apply for Google scholarships for your study. Apply today for the Google Research Scholar Program. If interested, you should start studying for the position before submitting an application.

Details about Google Research Scholar Program

The Research Scholar Program, which Google offers, supports junior faculty members who are working on projects in areas of study that are connected to Google.

This program makes unlimited donations available to support research at institutions around the globe. Its primary goal is to support top-tier studies conducted by professors in their early careers. The best financial support for a professor’s study can be found here.

Concise Description about The Research Scholar Program

Following is the detail in a concise manner about this opportunity. Let’s now find it out.

Program Name:

The Research Scholar Program

Funded Entity


Financial Benefits:


Deadline for Applications Submission

1st December 2022

About Google

Google LLC is a multinational technology firm based in the United States that specialises in consumer electronics, cloud computing, quantum computing, computer software, internet advertising, and search engine technology. Its corporate headquarters are located in Mountain View, California, where it was established on September 4th, 1998. (United States).

Award Information

Here, the information about the Google grants for research (about this opportunity) is presented for the understanding of interested applicants.

Google encourages submissions from academics who work in universities and satisfy the necessary requirements. It is believed that this programme would help participants establish long-term ties and collaborate with new teachers.

These scholarships are not meant to cover indirect or overhead costs; instead, they are donated to the institution as unrestricted donations. These grants are meant to assist the professor’s research endeavor’s for the duration of the academic year in which they are awarded.

Areas of Interest

Using an internal review process, the proposals are chosen. Within six months of the initial submission, the applicants will be notified about the status of their proposals. The applicants are asked to categorize their proposals into one of the below-mentioned fields (areas) of interest to Google in computer science and relevant fields:

  • Applied science
  • Algorithms and optimization
  • Health research
  • Geo/maps
  • Machine learning and data mining
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Mobile
  • Machine perception
  • Networking
  • Natural language processing
  • Quantum computing
  • Privacy
  • Software engineering and programming languages
  • Security
  • Systems (hardware and software)
  • Structured data, extraction, semantic graph, and database management

Eligibility Criteria for Google Research Scholar Program

To be chosen for these research grants, you need to prove your eligibility motioned as under:

At the time of submission of application, the applicants have to be a full-time assistant, professor at a university or degree granting research institution or associate.

·      Post-doctoral staff can only serve as a co-PI not a primary PI.

The interested applicants must have obtained their doctorate (PhD degree) within 7 years of submission (for example, the applicants in 2022 must have earned their PhD degree in 2015 or later).

·      Exceptions are also considered for applicants who have been teaching 7 years or fewer and had delays like parental leave, working in industry, leave of absence, etc. If you want to for this exception, then the request for exception should be documented on the application.

Per round, the applicants can only submit one application.

·      Per round, the faculty can only serve as a Co-PI or PI. And the applicants cannot serve on two different (separate) proposals.

Remember, the interested applicants can submit the applications for a maximum of three times within the seven years post-PhD.

Financial Benefits for The Research Scholar Program

The successful Google scholars (the recipients of this award) will be offered up to $60,000 USD, and these funds are intended to support the advancement of the professor’s research.

Deadline for Applications Submission

The last submission date for applications is 1st December 2022, and the candidates will be notified with the outcome by email in April 2023.

How to Apply for Google Research Scholar Program

The application procedure is online, and will be done on the official platform. Those, who are interested in submitting the applications, should first Visit the Official website and learn all details including the application process and then submit the applications accordingly. To apply for this scholarship, Click here.

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