‘Brad Pitt’ is expected to make Ines De Ramon’s relationship official soon

‘Brad Pitt’ is expected to make Ines De Ramon’s relationship official soon:

Brad Pitt has been making headlines lately not just for his acclaimed performances in films like Babylon and Bullet Train, but also for his blossoming new romance with jewelry designer Ines De Ramon. After finalizing his divorce from Angelina Jolie, Pitt seems ready to move on and make things official with De Ramon. Let’s take a closer look at how their relationship has progressed so far and what we can expect going forward.

'Brad Pitt' is expected to make Ines De Ramon's relationship official soon
‘Brad Pitt’ is expected to make Ines De Ramon’s relationship official soon

Their First Sighting Together

Rumors started swirling about Pitt and De Ramon’s relationship status in November 2022 when they were spotted attending a Bono concert together in Los Angeles. They were seen mingling with other celebs like Sean Penn and Cindy Crawford outside the venue, appearing cozy and comfortable with each other. This first public outing sparked speculation that the two were an item.

Spending More Time Together

Since their concert date night, it seems Pitt and De Ramon have been inseparable. A source told In Touch Weekly that the couple is “basically spending all their free time together” between Pitt’s LA home and his residence in Europe. Though De Ramon maintains her own place, the insider noted they are “pretty much living together.”

Pitt is said to be very private about his personal life, so he and Ines have flown under the radar. But their actions speak volumes, as they reportedly went on a romantic European vacation together to further connect.

Why Pitt is Smitten?

Those close to the pair have divulged details about why De Ramon is so alluring to Pitt. “She’s gorgeous, smart, funny, loves art and architecture and she isn’t intimidated by him in the least,” a source confessed. Pitt apparently finds her confidence refreshing compared to past paramours.

De Ramon also understands Pitt’s lifestyle as an A-lister, so his fame doesn’t faze her. “Ines gets it. She isn’t shy, she’s super confident, and she goes after what she wants,” said the insider. Her laidback, go-with-the-flow attitude seems to be a perfect match for Pitt.

Brad Pitt Making It Official?

Though they have opted to keep their bond private, sources say Pitt is ready to make things official with De Ramon sometime soon. “It’s just a matter of time,” before the couple formally announces their relationship, according to In Touch Weekly. After two failed marriages, it’s understandable Pitt would be cautious about going public. But it appears he’s found a meaningful connection with De Ramon worth pursuing.

'Brad Pitt' is expected to make Ines De Ramon's relationship official soon
‘Brad Pitt’ is expected to make Ines De Ramon’s relationship official soon

What Friends & Family Think?

Both Pitt and De Ramon have undergone divorces, so sources say their loved ones just want to see them happy again with someone who treats them well. An insider told InTouch Weekly that Brad’s inner circle approves of Ines. “They think she’s great for Brad,” the source declared. After the drama surrounding Brangelina’s split, Pitt’s closest confidants hope he can finally find peace and comfort again.

De Ramon was previously married to The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley, but they finalized their divorce earlier this year. Since her breakup, she seems content with Pitt. And none of her friends object to the romance, according to insiders.

Co-Parenting with Jolie

Pitt’s deepening relationship with De Ramon coincides with the finalization of his lengthy divorce from Angelina Jolie. The exes share six children together, with Pitt reportedly forfeiting custody in exchange for obtaining their French winery, Chateau Miraval.

While Pitt appears ready to fully move on with De Ramon, he and Jolie will have to peacefully co-parent their kids. Hopefully Pitt introducing Ines to his children will go smoothly whenever that milestone happens. Jolie seems to have accepted Pitt’s new love interest, as she’s been linked to The Weeknd lately.

The Future Looks Bright

Brad Pitt’s romantic life is clearly on the upswing lately. A source told HollywoodLife exclusively that “Brad is really happy with Ines” and “could see a future” with her. After all the heartbreak he’s endured over the years, Pitt is finally in a much better place personally and professionally.

2023 may be a landmark year for Pitt if he decides to mark a public debut with De Ramon. Fans would surely be thrilled to see him blissfully in love again. While Brangelina will forever remain one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples, Pitt appears to have turned the page. With the talented and easygoing De Ramon by his side, the future looks bright for the actor.


Ines De Ramon has certainly captured Brad Pitt’s attention and affection. Their private European getaways and quality time spent together signal he is serious about building a future with the jewelry designer. Sources believe Pitt making it official with De Ramon could happen any day now. After such a public divorce from Angelina Jolie, Pitt seems content keeping his new relationship discreet. But the sparks are certainly flying between the smitten pair. All signs indicate De Ramon will soon officially become Pitt’s plus one.


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